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What's Up ?

Jordan is on the first national tour of Jagged Little Pill!  You can see them across America and Canada featured in the Ensemble and covering Frankie.


Jordan finished their run with Jagged Little Pill in May 2023.  For their final month, they took over the role of Frankie Healy.  See here for clips!

Exciting News!  Jordan is making her Off-Broadway debut in Exception to the Rule at the Roundabout Underground.  Jordan will be covering the three girls in the show as the female swing.  Keep an eye out for Jordan's Instagram to see if/when they're on!

Screen Shot 2022-05-10 at 1.13.41 PM.png

Jordan will be playing Judy Power in the World Premier of PUNK ROCK GIRL at The Argyle Theatre!  The show will be running from January 20th through February 27th. Jordan is also covering the role of Angela and will be stepping into her shoes the weekend of Feb 4th! Get vaxxed, Stay masked, and buy your tickets here!

Jordan is back in the New York area! She's super excited to hit the ground running with DDO NY as representation for theater over here in the US.

DDO Logo.png

Jordan has most recently signed with Dale Hammond Associates. They are incredibly excited to get started on this new journey!

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